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Jenny Maria and Barret De La Luz are devoted miracle workers and spiritual guides, offering healing retreats and spiritual guidance sessions. Inspired by the teachings of A Course in Miracles, they follow and live by the Inner Guide, sharing truth in a way that is rarely experienced or remembered in this world. 


Jenny Maria and Barret live near Málaga, Spain. As Ordained ACIM Ministers, they are open to travel anywhere there’s a strong desire to heal and awaken. Connecting together is an opportunity to receive clarity, powerful guidance and life-direction. Read on to explore their current offerings…

Jenny & Barret offer spiritual guidance & healing sessions online, via Zoom. A session with Jenny & Barret is a profound opportunity to heal past wounds, release limiting beliefs to the light of truth, and awaken.

Where the call is strong to join in awakening, Jenny & Barret are delighted to share in presence. Sign up for a spiritual retreat or a session to deepen and quicken the healing journey to Inner Peace.

For those with a call to dive deep into the Presence of God, inspired joining with the Awaken to Love Community is available in Málaga, Spain. We come together to heal the mind! Contact us for more information.

One moment is all that is needed to feel the caress of eternity.

Jenny Maria

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