Testimonials & Gratitude

Feedback from participants who have received counselling with Jenny and/or Barret, or attended a spiritual retreat or event of theirs.

“It’s very healing to be at a place where you feel safe to voice hidden feelings and emotions that have been suppressed for years. There’s a lot of tears shed by everyone, but they’re healing tears.”

Spiritual Retreat Participant

What a miracle weekend with you. Your loving presence, invited me softly and gently, unspoken but heard in my heart: come, my child, now it’s safe. I’m so grateful for everything and everyone!

I could never have dreamed I would express myself in this way. Longing, desiring, but not doing, is a theme in my life. I had excuses for everything, mostly money, children, work, and now age. As a little child I learned, this world is not a safe place to be, where can I hide and how to cope. It’s like He carried me over the threshold. And the expressions from all the others – wow, so very helpful, opening and healing!

Thank You! This is how Spirit works with us, through us, through you, Jenny!


After the retreat last weekend I have been processing a lot. I suddenly realise the insanity of special love and how controlling and excluding it is. It was difficult for me to share these feelings of love towards others, but when I did, I could suddenly feel all the guilt that’s holding back love.

It is falling in love – this uncontrollable bobbling feeling that is everywhere and in all directions, that I’m actually trying to avoid! No wonder I can not feel Spirit and have a lot of doubt. It’s a little crazy to feel this bobbling of feelings, that is so unfamiliar to me, and it is nice and fun and new.

I feel so much love for you too Jenny, and it’s like the love is now spreading into the world around me!


I’m so grateful to you two and I’m so grateful for your wisdom. And how every suggestion is guided and so rich in helpfulness, (even feeling that it is only a suggestion and that you encourage me to trust myself and to pray. Battling the resistance and facing the fear) then taking the step and experiencing the miracles!

I love you both and thank God for you!!


Feeling such gratitude! Clueless, care-free and cared for!

It’s beyond words but I want to tell you, Jenny – in this moment – how much I love the love in you, that I am forever grateful to see how it extends… to receive it, to share it… to trust Jesus never left me, Jesus never let me go. And Barret, I’m feeling so much gratitude for the light-“work” you are doing in Awaken to Love. Always so beautiful to hear you both sing the teachings too and sharing music. Blessings!


I was soooo happy to see you and hear you and join with you today!

I was moved by the idea that fear drives me to special relationships rather than the other way around. I will contemplate these ideas during prayer and meditation. I sincerely desire to open my heart and open communication with Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Sonship, my brothers and sisters. I sincerely desire to rid my mind of all darkness and all attack thoughts. I sincerely desire with all my heart to release all guilt and shame and stand quietly in God’s Love and Glory.

I look forward to joining you in more Zoom meetings and whenever, wherever Holy Spirit Guides.

All my love!


Anger, resentment, jealousy, and guilt that I did not even know was there, buried so deep within my unconscious mind – yet the love I received was incredible. I could not have been able to feel safe enough to expose this, anywhere else. I’d certainly recommend for anyone who has emotional blocks.

It really does work and you make so many new friends!


This gathering was DEEP and covered all kinds of feelings and how the deep teachings of A Course in Miracles can be APPLIED in daily life. So MUCH shifted and healed in my being that I felt a strong need to go into silence and meditation to take it all in.

It started off in a meditative, mystical way and this part brought tears to my eyes (that’s Jenny for me). Then you will hear the floor open for ALL questions of the heart to be heard. You will feel the vulnerability and trust, devotion and authenticity vibrating and pulsating in this talk. There’s also tremendous humour in the honesty of what is shared.

I confess that on this one I couldn’t help myself, my hand flew up for the first question. What a profound and moving answer I got. Every minute and second of this session is pure gold.


Thank you and Barret for your shining example of the truth. It has given me immeasurable strength when I wavered in my own. The courage to allow myself to be my true self. I love you both and all the beautiful brothers I’ve met through you.

Anna Marie

When you look at me with eyes full of love, and with a beautiful smile on your face, I just want to reach out, hug you endlessly and tell you I love you!

Spiritual Retreat Participant