My full, uncompromising commitment to this path began in 2006, during a profound, mystical experience of being visited by two light beings from beyond linear time.

This experience is hard to describe, but what feels significant is that it was very, very real. It was more real than the perceptual realm. For this world, I know from the expanded awareness through this “Visit”, is nothing but illusion, or a dream. It wasn’t a visit at all since a visit, the way we understand it, has a beginning and an ending. Their presence, which is the presence of Spirit or of God, is what Reality is. It is real. It is eternal. Anything and everything else is an illusion, or a dream to be forgiven.The light beings led me to America, to live and work closely with David Hoffmeister, a teacher of forgiveness for countless people around the world.

The powerful experience with the light beings showed me the sole purpose for each and everyone who comes to this Earth. This sole purpose is my life and the basis of all I share.

During online and in-person sessions I tune in and listen to the Holy Spirit’s healing guidance. At times I use shamanic wisdom to detect and clear what is in need of healing and change. A session invites openness and transparency for powerful shifts to occur.

The spiritual path is about learning to hear the guidance of Holy Spirit that allows the dream of the ego to be undone. It is a removal of any blocks to love’s awareness; a practice of devoted, deep inner listening at all times.

Using healing processes, including meditation, forgiveness and the mind-training of A Course in Miracles – I live, breathe, walk and share with you this magnificent path of awakening.

Interview With a Mystic

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Love is always here to surrender to,

in the depth of the present moment

Boundless and pure, it extends forever

It is all that has been lost in the slumber

and dream of forgetfulness of this world

It leads so gently. Love is Here.